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With GameFi Dreams.

What Drives Us

Our vision is to provide gamers with TRUE ownership of their games. A Players Paradise! And how will we accomplish this?
Our NFTs are your passport to the Zygote Labs universe. They will provide real-utility in the form of gated access to early releases, special events, in-game items, possible airdrops, and more! This is only the beginning...
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Helping You
Grow In Every Stage.

Just like our Zygote friends, we're all still growing in the blockchain space. And if you need it, our team is here to support. We understand this new digital world can be overwhelming. And if you need it, our team is here to guide.

Gaming should be FUN! Not overwhelming. Our aim is to be a beacon in the GameFi industry by helping you, the players, learn the technology, earn while you use it, and grow right along with us inside the wonderful world of Web3.

What We Have Learned About This Zygote Discovery So Far?

These majestic little creatures are much more than meets the eye. While they do offer a sense of joy, due to their zany yet adorable nature, it's within their powers that they really shine! They have developed what is being called, Airdrop capabilities. Whith this power, the Zygotes have the ability to give away awesome prizes! The team also discovered an abilty where by simply possessing a Fortunate Zygote, the holder can access special rooms and secrets throughout the Zygote Labs universe. More to come as we keep learning about the amazing creatures.